4 Exciting Things to Do in America’s Switzerland – Ouray


Are you planning to give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of city life?

Take a vacation to the county of Ouray, located in Southwest Colorado, to have the small-town experience in all its natural glory. You can stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn to have a luxurious unwinding experience. Not only that, but the place also offers numerous adrenaline-driven activities like ice-climbing, hiking, off-roading, etc. Craving for more? Keep reading to know what else you can do in Ouray.

Explore the ghost town

Located 12 miles from the town of Silverton, the Animas Forks ghost town was once a popular little town, full of merry faces and busy activities until the Gold Prince Mill was pulled apart in 1917. Today, it only consists of long stretches of land and abandoned buildings, exuding an eerie feeling, which attracts many adventure seekers.

Opt for a mine tour

The Bachelor Syracuse mine, an old mine of the 19th century, is a hot spot for tourists, who wish to indulge in some exciting adventures on their trip. The guides take you around the place, explaining how the mine worked in the past and also narrating the stories of the mineworkers. You can also try panning for gold and if you’re lucky, you may return home with a few shiny lumps.

Choose an off-roading adventure

Do you seek a thrilling experience during your short vacation in Ouray? You can get in touch with a local tour operator to take you into the rugged wilderness of the region in a sturdy jeep. You can opt for half-day or full-day adventures, depending on your time and preferences. However, it’s recommended to at least visit the Imogene and Black Bear pass to experience the thrill of it.

Visit Bear Creek National Recreation Trail

Are you a nature lover, wishing to make the most of your trip? Don’t forget to visit the Bear Creek National Recreation Trail that exhibits Mother Nature’s exotic beauty and offers hiking opportunities for adventure lovers. You can take the Yellow Jacket Mine Trail to explore the old mining structures and tools that were left behind.

Nestled in the San Juan Range of the Rocky Mountains, Ouray is also known as the Switzerland of America because of its exquisite beauty and picturesque landscapes. Book your accommodation in advance to avoid hassles later. Whether you’re visiting with your spouse or your entire family, you should be able to create unforgettable memories here.

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