Four successful maintenance tips you need for your RV camper


RV campers have to sustain a lot of mileage when being towed to the perfect destination. When in poor condition, your RV can let you down on road or at the camping site. RVs rely on regular maintenance from RV dealers Boise if they are to stand the distance and adverse weather conditions they will be exposed to from time to time. For savvy RV truck owners or first-time buyers, a good maintenance routine is needed, and more often than not they have a hard time developing one. Discover from the discussion below some of the useful RV maintenance tips you might need to be familiar with today.

Inspect RV roof seals and seams regularly

You must have a predetermined schedule for checking and servicing your RV truck to keep it in good condition even for a resale. Have the roof of the RV checked after every three months just to be sure there are no leaks anywhere. In most cases, water leaks through the air conditioning unit, the vents, and seams of the RV truck, and repairs can be made using a sealant of your choice. You can also interchange between different RV roof materials which are fiberglass EPDM, ALFA, and TPO as the alternatives to your current metallic one.

Maintain the RV breaks

Functional and reliable brakes are not just for your safety but also for other road users you will be sharing the road with. Brakes are subject to wear and tear as they are used almost as frequently as the car tires. The wheel bearings must be complete and well lubricated to work as effectively as you want them to. Ensuring you change worn-out brake pads and materials is also necessary to improve the safety of your RV even as you enjoy your road trip.

Replace RV oil, air, fuel, coolant, and filters

Professionals advise that RV owners take their RV campers for inspection as regularly as they can. This is probably why choosing an RV dealership near you might work to your advantage in terms of towing. Consider changing frequently the oil in your RV or for every 4000 miles traveled. This is ideal in reducing the rate of wear and tear which could affect the RV when left uncared for. You need to similarly change the fuel filter, coolant the air filters and hydraulic filters of your RV if you are to enjoy the perfect functioning RV trailer when preparing for your next road trip and camping.

Double-check electrical connection to the tow vehicle

This is an essential aspect to consider when maintaining your RV for proper functioning? The electrical connection between your RV and tow vehicle should be checked by an expert every time before you set off for an RV road trip. The RV battery must also be checked as it is charged when you are driving your tow vehicle. With a quality electrical connection and fully charged battery, your RV can have a functional braking system and perfect lighting which is essential in your camping escapade.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced RV enthusiast, Campbell RV has the expertise and resources to help you find the perfect vehicle.

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