How to Help your Kids Have the Best Experience During a Family Hike


A randonnée en famille is not easy with young kids. As kids grow up, it won’t be possible to carry, pull, or haul them. However, a bigger child can already help you carry gear, tackle rougher trails, and go farther distances with you. The downside of their getting bigger, though, is that they tend to develop interests and hobbies they may partake in. That’s why you will need to change your approach to family outings over time. You must think about ways to get your bigger kids excited about the idea of hiking and keep them motivated while getting onto the trail. Below are some helpful tips for hiking with children:

Pick a Hike that has Different Features and Terrains

Before you head out for a hike with kids consider your trail options. Go for a trail that has many rocks, bridges, logs, boardwalks, or creeks. You need to look for trails with things for children to climb and play on to make the activity exciting for them. Consider ways your kids can be entertained along the hike with benches, throwing rocks into a pond, or playing in a shelter.

Prepare and Plan Properly

Ensure you are well prepared for the hike. Children are much happier to walk if they are wearing shoes that fit properly or if they are warm enough. The perfect time to plan your hike is when your children have the most energy. And if you are planning a longer hike, bring along an all-terrain stroller, a wagon, or sled just in case. Also, make sure to bring sun hats, lots of water basic first aid supplies, snacks, and a means to call for help.

Pack for Adventure

You have probably noticed that children are more interested in the little creatures, finding mushrooms tucked away in the moss, or watching birds flay than beautiful vistas. If you want your children to make the most of the hike, try to pack for adventure. This means taking with you some binoculars, pencil crayons, and a notebook. Along the trail, you could stop and let your kids identify the flowers you found and keep tally of the number of each flower they spotted.

Stay Positive

When hiking with your kids, having an optimistic attitude can go a long way in helping them to keep going. Acknowledge their feelings and re-redirect them or help them address their little concerns. Concentrate on how much fun you have had, instead of talking about how far you have walked.

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