Sailing Holidays – All You Need to Know


If ever you are in for an adventure on the sea, then a sailing holiday is the perfect getaway. In other words, for those who love the sea, its frothy waves, and the encounters with aquatic animals, sailing is a wonderful way to spend a holiday.

A sailing holiday or an expedition is an excursion into the sea alone or in a group of yachts. The specially designed boats move with the help of winds. The sails on them are used to maneuver the boats. In addition, they are also known as Dinghies. Many books and tales have been woven around journeys in the sea. In other words, there is a lot of romance associated with sailing. Finally, sailing apart from a form of recreation is also a professional sport, ad nothing much changes whether you’re sailing in Spain in the Med or in the Caribbean.

Sailing Basics

  • Sailboats are referred to by different names. For instance, they can be Dinghy, Boat, or a Yacht. The differentiation in the nomenclature is based on their shape and size.
  • Sailboats are of 3 different types – Skull, Keel, and Sail.
  • They are powered by wind.
  • Sails are used to steer them.

Clothing Required for Sailing

  • Specially designed jacket
  • Clothes that dry easily
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Water shoes
  • Life jacket
  • First aid kit
  • Personal essentials, such as toiletries
  • GPS

Types of Sailing Holidays

  • Freshwater Trips

They are short duration trips and don’t venture too deep into the sea.

  • Coastal Trips

These are slightly longer, say 1 or 2-day trips.

  • Ocean Trips

This venture deep into the sea. Long duration trips.


Here is a list of some destinations sailing enthusiasts can explore anytime in their lifetime.

  • Greece

With a 9000 mile coastline, Greece offers a very satisfying sailing expedition for recreation. There are numerous islands dotting this home to sailing in the Mediterranean region. Each is unique in its own way. Sailing on crystal clear water and a variety of aquatic animals for company, this is a holiday you will never regret.

  • Canary Islands

If you love seclusion and are averse to sailing in a crowd then head to the Canary Islands. They offer some of the most secluded destinations. In addition, the area is well equipped and is open for sailing throughout the year.

  • Italy

This European country offers sailing holidays in 4 different destinations. Each is identified with the Islands from where the expeditions start.

  • Seychelles

On the east African coast, this nation has 115 small and big islands to cater to sailing holiday enthusiasts. Many travelers have called it a dream destination for sailing. Each island is unique. With a plethora of choices, the different choices could easily spoil you. The added attraction apart from the usual snorkeling and sand beaches are a large number of caves and bays that beckon sailors.

  • Cuba

This American nation lodged between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean has some excellent facilities for sailing. Having opened up to tourists not very long ago, it goes the extra mile to welcome sailing tourists.

Tips for a Sailing Holiday

  • Ensure you are medically fit.
  • Know basic swimming.
  • Do not sail without essentials like a life jacket and nutrition.
  • Test the sail to perfection.

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