Some Of The Fantastic Wildlife Attractions You Can Visit In Pattaya


When you visit Pattaya, there are plenty of things to see and do to keep you occupied and away from the bars during the day. There are some excellent wildlife attractions that you can visit, as well as picturesque locations that are worthy of your Instagram. If you want to see some nature when you visit Pattaya, below are some of the best scenery and wildlife attractions you can visit that will leave you with fantastic memories and lots of pictures to cherish.

A Day With The Elephants

One of the most popular animal attractions in Pattaya and throughout Thailand are the elephants. Many elephant parks such as the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Pattaya treat their animals ethically, no longer allowing tourists to ride them. You can spend a day at the park learning all about these massive animals and feeding them and watching them in their family groups. You can also take them for a bath before you leave, and the Pattaya elephant village reviews show how much people enjoyed their visit, and how well the animals are cared for by their keepers.

An Afternoon Fishing

If you are a keen angler, you may wish to pit your wits against some of the giant catfish you can find in Thailand, and Jomtien Fishing Park is an excellent place to do this. You can enjoy some delicious Thai food, and a few cold beers as you while away the afternoon. However, be prepared, there are some big fish here, and once you have landed them, you can release them and let them swim away for someone else to catch them again.

Sheep & The Butterflies

If you are a fan of butterflies and would love to see them in all their majestic glory, the Butterfly Corner is well worth visiting and is part of the Swiss Sheep Farm, another animal attraction. There are sheep, and other animals that you can interact with and feed, and The Butterfly Corner is tucked away in the corner of the farm where you will see hundreds of butterflies.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

If you are a plant lover, you may wish to pay a visit to the lush green Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. There are plenty of things to see and do in the gardens, with live cultural shows, various trees, and plants, and you can tour the gardens on a rented bicycle if you want. There are many fantastic photo opportunities here, and it is the perfect place to spend a few hours exploring.

Pattaya Viewpoint

If you are looking for a stunning vantage point for the sunset, then head over to Pattaya View Point where you can take some lovely pictures. You can also capture the crescent-shaped bay and take a fantastic photo that will give you many precious memories for years to come.

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