Travel Guide: Things You Must Explore In And Around Seattle!


If you are in Seattle for work or personal reasons, you should definitely take a couple of days and go around the surrounding areas. Seattle is very close to Snohomish County, and you can easily rent a car in the city, to explore the outskirts. In this post, let’s talk of the fun things worth exploring in & around Seattle.

Enjoy the gambling scene

Seattle has some amazing casinos, and if you don’t mind traveling a bit further, head to Arlington, where you can find casino resorts too Angel of the Winds is a popular choice, and you can find best casino steakhouse in WA here. Most casino resorts offer a blend of gambling and luxury, so you can stay back and enjoy a day with one of their packages.

Pike Place Market

If you really want to feel the vibe of Seattle, you have to consider a visit to the Pike Place Market, which is best known for its seasonal produce, and more than a bunch of amazing local restaurants. There are some nice décor shops, and if you really wanted to try the food from stalls here, come in early before lunch. There are also guided tours available, which are worth the price paid.

Seattle Center

There is no way you can miss this pace, which spreads over 74 acres. The Space Needle is obviously the most important attraction here, and you can also get to check the Seattle Center Monorail. Consider spending a day, because you cannot really see it all in one go. You can also check for everything important before you plan your day.

Take a ride on giant Ferris wheel

You have to consider this experience in Seattle, especially at night. You can get inside in those enclosed capsules, which feels amazing, and the pods are stable, so you don’t have to worry about heights or jerking either. There is also a VIP pod available for those interested in better and more inclusive privileges.

Go around

Driving around Seattle is quite an experience and for the right reasons. You can explore all sorts of different places, such as Everett, and there are endless trails, hiking options. Seattle is close to nature, so there is no dearth of outdoor activities and other engagement. We would recommend that you have a car with you, so that you can take stops in between.

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