Whales and Sharks Found Throughout Australian Waters


Australia has a coastline of over 59,000 km (39,000 mi) and contains some of the world’s most incredible underwater biodiversity. The Great Barrier Reef contains over 5000 species of underwater animal and includes some of the world’s most fantastic dive sites.

Animal spotting enthusiasts are treated to a huge choice. There are hundreds of dive sites throughout Australia, and a considerable number of famous species that can be spotted from boats. For example, whale watching all along the eastern coastal waters is an excellent way to spot whales. Whale watching in Eden provides tourists with a chance to see some of nature’s most awesome whales and sharks.

Species of whale and shark commonly found in Australian waters include the following:

Species of Shark Found Throughout Australian Waters

  1. The Whale Shark – As the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark is considered a must-see for snorkelers, spotters and divers. It is often found near the surface of the water, where it welcomes the attention of snorkelers.
  2. The Great White Shark – This apex predator is the largest meat-eating fish in the oceans. It is protected throughout Australian waters and numbers are beginning to increase after a period of devastating overfishing.
  3. Thresher Shark – This underwater beast is easy to recognize. Its long tail is unique to the species.

Species of Whale Common to Australian Waters

As well as sharks, whales are one of a wildlife watcher’s bucket list species. When whale watching in Australia, you can expect to see the following species:

  1. The Blue Whale – As the largest creature to have ever lived on earth, the ‘Blue’ has to be seen to be believed. A large male has arteries big enough to drive a small car along and has a heart that can weigh over 180kg (400 Lbs.)!
  2. The Humpback Whale – These famous whales are hardly dwarfed by the Blue whale. They can weigh up to a mind-boggling 40 tones and can measure over 18m long. They are famous for their underwater communication. Their hauntingly beautiful songs can be heard over 20km away underwater.
  3. Pygmy sperm Whale – This species is found throughout Australian waters. It is recognizable by its underslung jaw similar to that of many sharks. There is not much data on this species and scientists have not conducted many studies.

Australis offers a memorable chance to swim with some of the world’s largest and most majestic creatures.

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